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The purpose of the Association is to provide a medium through which the consumer protection investigators, civil and criminal, of the respective governments (federal, state, county, city, province, district, or territory) receive educational training at annual conferences, network, exchange information, and cooperate in matters involving consumer protection investigations, education, and litigations, of mutual concern to all.

The North American Consumer Protection Investigators (NACPI) has evolved into a highly recognized international association in consumer affairs. NACPI is represented by consumer protection agencies (local, state and federal) from all over the United States and Canada. Each year at our annual conference, we provide educational training on techniques for investigating, managing and litigating consumer fraud cases. We offer a members-only roundtable session where members share and seek information concerning current investigations. The training and networking experience is truly invaluable.

If you are not yet a member, please see our membership page for information on joining. For new members, scholarships may be available! If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to any one of our Board members. Please visit the 'Contact Us' page for further contact information.

NACPI is successful because of the participation of its members and the support of our sponsors. If you would like to be more active in the organization, including the possibility of becoming part of the board, would like to recommend speakers, sponsors or possible new members, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!


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