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President's Award Nomination Guide [PDF Format]

What is the NACPI Recognition Program?
The purpose of this program is to recognize individuals, agencies or teams who have made outstanding contributions over the past 3 years. Annual awards are presented in a number of categories.

What are the award categories?
The award categories are:

  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Outstanding Consumer Protection
  • Support to NACPI
  • Partnerships

The Awards, which will be presented to outstanding nominees, may not be awarded every year.

Who is eligible to be nominated?
Any individual, agency or team that has made a significant contribution to consumer protection is eligible. Individuals, agencies and teams can be nominated for all categories. Nominees do not have to be members of NACPI.

Who can make a nomination?
Any NACPI member or member organization can submit a nomination. All nominations must include a completed nomination form submitted by someone other than the nominee. The nominee may be a member of the team or agency he or she is nominating.

Where do I obtain a nomination form?

President's Award Nomination Form [PDF Format]

Can I complete my nomination form online?
No, however you can save the WORD document to your computer and submit the form attached as an e-mail, or you can print and complete the form manually and send in by mail or fax.

Is there a time limit for nominating someone for an achievement?
The Recognition Awards acknowledge significant accomplishments that have taken place within the last 3 years.

What should I consider when submitting a nomination for a group/team?
Be sure to include the names of ALL members of the group/team. Ensure that the names of all nominees are spelled correctly.

What is the nomination deadline?
The President must receive nominations for the NACPI Recognition Program no later than 30 days prior to the first day of the annual conference.

Should I tell the group or individual who is being nominated for the awards that their name has been put forward?
Not necessarily. This is up to you. Winners of the Presidents award will be announced at the annual conference. Winners will also receive a letter of congratulations from the President of NACPI.

Who assesses the nominations?
All nominations are reviewed and assessed by the President of NACPI, who in turn will advise the board of the intended recipients.

When will award recipient(s) be notified?
Award recipient(s) will be notified at the annual NACPI conference.

How many awards are given out per category?
The decision on the number of awards given out per category each year is at the discretion of the President of NACPI. The President has the option of granting more than one award per category if the nominations warrant it. The President may also nominate award recipients, and present awards at his or her discretion.


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